Welcome Our goal is to provide business solutions using technology. While we are enthusiastic about new technology and what it can provide (lower cost, increased productivity), we understand that doesn't always match an organization's environment with vertical application needs, training, and budget. The right solution must coexist directly with the business need.

With our technology knowledge, our passion of solving business automation, and our client's business knowledge, we partner to create successful solutions.

We work as a CIO/CTO (Chief Information Officer/Chief Technology Officer) for organizations to provide high-level business technical project planning, working with vendors to create a strategic vision that is implemented by them in the best interest to your business needs.

We also provide software development and DevOps services in the area of ecommerce, database, and web on the Microsoft stack. We integrate systems for performance, accuracy, and cost reduction purposes when it makes sense to create automation.

We contribute to open source via Github.com/RecursiveGeek and deploy those packages via NuGet.prg.

Want to know more? Read about us and the services we provide. Feel free to contact us today and let us know how we can help you!