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The March 22nd Weekly Roundup is Posted!  3/22/2019

This week Microsoft announced Microsoft Defender ATP for Mac, Advanced Threat Protection for Azure Storage, and the first major version of Microsoft Launcher after migrating to Microsoft Tech community now fully available for your testing.

A user is our member of the week, a great contributor especially in the Microsoft Teams space.

View the Weekly Roundup for March 18 - 22, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

Community Update - March 15th, 2019  3/16/2019

Welcome to our regular blog on changes to the community platform.


In this update we have focused on making some incremental improvements to our mobile UI.  This is only the first release of what will be a complete review of our mobile UI. So tell us what works, what doesn't and what you would like to see in our community ideas board.


We have been taking a closer look at some of the feedback we get about page load times. Specifically we had noted an issue with Internet Explorer 11 taking significantly longer than other browsers to load the community. We are still reviewing our data on this but we have made some changes to improve the experience for all users, notably:

We will continue to assess this over the next few weeks and see what other options we have to make the pages load a whole lot quicker. 

Auto mention

In discussion spaces when you reply to a topic you will now automatically mention the author. If you are replying to someone else's reply then you will mention them instead. We plan to add this same feature to blogs shortly, let us know if you like it and if it helps.

What are we working on?

The biggest piece of work we are working on right now is multi-lingual support for the community. We will shortly be rolling out AI translation between English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. The objective with this will be to allow members to reply to each others comments in their own language and the community will automatically translate it to the language of the reader. As part of this roll out we will also start to translate elements of the community UI into these languages over the next few months.

Although the exact launch date has yet to be decided I expect it to be live before the end of April. Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak: (note the content is just test data!)

TranslatedText.pngContent translated from German and Spanish to English

UntranslatedText.PNGText before being translated

Help us shape the Microsoft Tech Community, create your ideas here and upvote your favourites.

The March 15th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  3/15/2019

This week Microsoft announced the ability to copy plans to Microsoft Planner, the public preview of two new features for Azure AD Application Proxy that make it even easier to provide secure remote access to on-premises applications and you can now add your flagged emails to To-Do. 

A user is our member of the week, a great contributor especially in the SharePoint and SharePoint Developer spaces. 

View the Weekly Roundup for March 11 - 15, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The March 8th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  3/8/2019

This week Microsoft announced that MileIQ now supports Azure Active Directory, Azure Information Protection can now detect different types of credentials and several new capabilities to help you discover, classify & label, protect and monitor your sensitive information.

A user is our Member of the Week, a very active contributor, especially in the Excel space

View the Weekly Roundup for March 4 - 8, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The March 1st Weekly Roundup is Posted!  3/1/2019

This week Microsoft announced the first flight for the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program, sign in to UserVoice using your Azure Active Directory (AD) credentials, and more streamlined iOS enrollment for Intune.

A user is our Member of the Week, a strong contributor especially in the SharePoint Developer space

View the Weekly Roundup for February 25 - March 1, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

See you on the Other Side!  3/1/2019

After nearly six years of working with Microsoft communities I’m sad to make my final post here as an admin of the community. On Monday, March 4th, I will begin the next chapter of my career. It’s been a superbly rewarding experience being a part of this project – seeing scope grow from one product (SharePoint woot woot) to the Office 365 Network to Tech Community and beyond – and I’m humbled by the eager participation, knowledge sharing, and contribution that happens here every day as this community continues to grow in size.

What’s Next?

I’m not going far! I’ll be joining the Microsoft 365 Product Marketing team under @Dan Holme, as the PMM for Yammer + Employee Engagement. In the new role I’ll be working with many of you and will be present at events as well as here on the Microsoft Tech Community.


There are WAY to many people who belong on this list – Execs, Managers, MVPs, entire teams, and so on – including the 290k members of this current community who bring value here on a daily basis. But here are a few who deserve to be mentioned by name:

A user – We’ve watched the Tech Community grow through thick and thin and had a blast while doing it. Simply put, you rock and are my partner in crime. 

A user – For trusting in the community strategy (and me) and tying together community, events, readiness, Diversity & Tech to put the right mix of people in the right place.

A user  – For giving me a chance to help build something compelling, being a mentor, keeping me on task, and teaching me to turn a chip on my shoulder into strategic action.

@TechCommunity Team: A user, A user  A user, A user  A user, and former team members Lana (the inspiration for this post) + A user – you are the engine that powers this community and so many channels + programs across Microsoft. You’ve been amazing to work with and will all continue to do amazing things for Microsoft’s stakeholders. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this team, community, and all of you!

The SharePoint Team/Community – Since 2013 the members of this team + community have worked closely with me and made me feel part of the family. SharePoint Conference + Ignite are always the two biggest events on my calendar and it’s because I get the chance to work closely with the team as well as mingle with the die-hard community.

Value of Community – They say you get out of community what you put into it, and I feel spoiled that I have been able to take so much away. There are countless opportunities for anyone who is willing to get involved, talk, ask questions, answer questions, connect with others, and learn. Over the past six years I’ve laughed, cried, skied, danced, hiked, sailed, biked, explored, and grown with members of the Microsoft community. I’ve introduced them to friends and family and vice versa - all while learning about tech, Microsoft products, the world, and myself. If that’s not community, then I don’t know what is. Thank you for everything and see you on the other side.

Stay in touch with me on Twitter and/or LinkedIn! And of course, if you haven't done so already... join the Tech Community! 

Goodbye_TechCommunity.PNGSome great peeps in some great places.

Microsoft Tech Community

The February 22nd Weekly Roundup is Posted!  2/22/2019

This week Microsoft announced the Office app for Windows 10, several improvements to dynamic arrays in Excel, and the new Public Preview of Small Basic Online 1.0.

A user is our Member of the Week, a great contributor especially in the Access, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint spaces. 

View the Weekly Roundup for February 18 -22, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The February 15th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  2/15/2019

This week Microsoft announced a new Microsoft Graph Security connector for Power BI, SharePoint page enhancements currently released to Targeted Release customers in Office 365, and updates to the Windows 10 supported platforms for enterprises deploying MSIX.

A user is our Member of the Week, an excellent contributor in a number of spaces in the Tech Community, including Planner, Yammer and SharePoint

View the Weekly Roundup for February 11 -15, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The February 8th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  2/8/2019

This week Microsoft announced security notifications delivered in the Microsoft Authenticator app, the availability of Azure Data Explorer (Kusto) and the recently released Remote Autopilot Reset feature for Intune for Education.

A user is our Member of the Week, an excellent contributor especially in the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business IT Pro spaces.

View the Weekly Roundup for February 4 -8, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The February 1st Weekly Roundup is Posted!  2/2/2019

This week Microsoft announced new “change the look” features for SharePoint sites, new capabilities to enhance your alert and insight experience in Office 365, and four major Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Identity Protection enhancements now in public preview. 

A user is our Member of the Week, a great contributor especially in the Microsoft Teams and SharePoint spaces.

View the Weekly Roundup for January 28 - February 1, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The January 25th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  1/25/2019

This week Microsoft announced new scanner UI in Azure Information Protection, rebranding Skype Room Systems as Microsoft Teams Rooms, and a new capability that makes it easier for you to create and save your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document directly to the cloud.

A user is our Member of the Week, a great contributor in a number of areas, notably Exchange and SharePoint

View the Weekly Roundup for January 21- 25, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The January 18th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  1/19/2019

This week Microsoft announced Corrata’s integration with Windows Defender ATP, Mac Files On-Demand becoming generally available soon as well as the upcoming availability of OneDrive Sync Client Mass Delete, and added extensive tutorials, recommendations and steps for investigations and remediation for Azure ATP security alerts in our documentation in release 2.61 of Azure ATP. 

A user is our Member of the Week, a great contributor especially in the Office 365 and SharePoint spaces.

View the Weekly Roundup for January 14 - 18, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The January 11th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  1/11/2019

This week Microsoft announced Kusto .NET SDK has been released to Nuget.Org, email confirmation receipt will be available soon in Microsoft Forms, and upcoming improvements in the SharePoint Migration Tool.

A user is our Member of the Week, an incredibly active contributor especially in the Microsoft Teams space.

View the Weekly Roundup for January 7 - 11, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

The January 4th, 2019 Weekly Roundup is Posted!  1/4/2019

This week Microsoft announced the Microsoft Stream iOS app, December updates in SharePoint and the latest version of the Azure Information Protection documentation.

A user is our Member of the Week, offering excellent contributions especially in the Microsoft Excel space.

View the Weekly Roundup for December 31, 2018 - January 4, 2019 in a Sway and attached Word document.

2018 Year Roundup  12/29/2018

2018 Community Roundup

The Microsoft Tech Community has grown incredibly rapidly! This year we reached 250,000 members, amidst other highlights such as new product releases, AMAs, contests, Microsoft Ignite and other events. It’s been an amazing year.

To celebrate, here's a countdown of the top 18 product news announcements, moments and conversations from the community in 2018. Thanks for being part of it!

 - The Microsoft Tech Community team

1. 250K Members

The community continues to grow at an extremely fast pace. In May, we celebrated attaining 150,000 members, and just seven short months later in December, we reached the impressive landmark of 250,000 members!

2. Microsoft Ignite | The Tour / Tech Summits

We’ve been hosting Tech Summit (from 2017-2018) and Microsoft Ignite | The Tour (from 2018-2019) session content in the Tech Community, which includes slide decks and videos to absorb after the event. We also announced the introduction of community meetings at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour.

3. Diversity and Tech

The Diversity and Tech Community increased its traffic (gaining more than 1,500 new members since June) through new conversations and blog posts about events such as the monthly Women ITPros call, the Community Mentors Program and Diversity and Tech sessions at Microsoft Ignite. The Microsoft Tech Community team regularly promoted Diversity and Tech activities on our social media channels.

4. Microsoft Ignite

The Tech Community was home to a total of 77 blog posts sharing news, roadmap updates, new programs and event happenings at Microsoft Ignite. Members can access all of the sessions for free on MyIgnite, which is now built on top of Tech Community. See the sessions on-demand here.

5. Windows Sandbox

A blog post published by Hari Pulapaka on December 18th in the Windows Kernel Internals Blog about Windows Sandbox has quickly become one of the most visited blogs ever on the Microsoft Tech Community. This blog post has received 380K views.

6. Community Events

In June, after absorbing Microsoft Technical Communities into our site in November 2017, we released an overhaul of our Community Events space, helping user groups to promote their events via the Tech Community.

7. AMAs

Starting the year with an immensely popular PowerShell AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) with A user we eclipsed that popularity with popular Teams AMAs in the summer and in December (the latter with over 16,000 page views).

8. Intrazone Podcast

Now 21 episodes strong, A user and the SharePoint team launched The Intrazone in April 2018, a bi-weekly conversation and interview podcast, highlighting usage, adoption and use cases. Each episode was announced and promoted with a blog post on the Microsoft Tech Community.

9. Microsoft Learn

Launched at Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Learn is an interactive, quick, and fun way to learn Azure, promoted in the Tech Community in the Azure space.

10. Microsoft Build

We shared a number of announcements from Microsoft Build in the Tech Community, in addition to blog posts about the event.

11. Teams Free Version

Microsoft Teams announced on the Tech Community, in a popular blog post, its availability in a free version including features such as chat, file sharing, and video calling.

12. SharePoint 2019 Release / Office 2019 / Exchange 2019 Release

In October 2018, A user announced the release of long-awaited Office Server 2019, alongside the subsequent launch of SharePoint Server 2019. Exchange Server 2019, and Skype for Business Server 2019, and shared this news directly in the Tech Community.

13. Microsoft Search

During Microsoft Ignite, the Microsoft Search community and blog launched! Microsoft Search is a new offering that provides search capabilities across Office 365 products.

14. SharePoint Spaces

A SharePoint blog post in October launched the new SharePoint Spaces feature, proving to be an asset to Office 365 users.

15. Microsoft Kaizala

During this past summer, we launched the Microsoft Kaizala community, adding a discussion forum for this popular collaboration application to the community toolbox for Office 365 and Microsoft users.

16. Blog Migration

Several blogs that lived on the TechNet and MSDN blogs are now hosted in the Microsoft Tech Community! Some of these blogs include: Visio, Enterprise, Mobility & Security, Windows Analytics and Windows ITPro, with lots more to come in the New Year.

17. New Communities

The Tech Community continues to expand, offering new product communities. Some of the most notable new ones this year, in addition to Microsoft Kaizala mentioned above, include Microsoft USB community , Microsoft Bluetooth community, Microsoft Healthcare Bot, and Small and Medium Businesses.

18. Online Interactive Guides

In late November, A user updated our online interactive guides. Our previous iteration of the guides was regularly among our most popular pieces of content in the Tech Community, and the latest version has almost 2500 views so far.

Here are a few resources to help you get the most out of the Microsoft Tech Community in the year ahead!

Have a favorite moment from 2018? Let us know in the comments!

The December 21st Weekly Roundup is Posted!  12/21/2018

This week Microsoft announced Microsoft Sandbox, Fluent Design, and custom formatting in SharePoint.

A user is our Member of the Week, a community member who makes great contributions in the Security, Privacy & Compliance space.

View the Weekly Roundup for December 17-21, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

250,000 Members!  12/19/2018

We're excited to share the news that we've crossed 250,000 members here on Tech Community. A special thank you to everyone who has signed up, asked questions, participated in discussions, shared links, and contributed to making this such an incredible place for discussing Microsoft products.


It definitely feels like an early gift and we're more excited than ever to start 2019! With that in mind, here are some resources that we'd like to share to make your holiday season a little brighter: 

-A Few of Our Favorite Things... this 4 part blog series by the Tech Community team highlights some of the best ways that you can get more value out of this community. Check it out! 

- Registration for Microsoft Ignite | The Tour is open and coming to a city near you. Find Microsoft Ignite | The Tour content here on Tech Community, with more session slides and videos being added every week.

- Check out our ever-growing list of product and service blogs encompassing everything from Azure AD to Yammer.

- More communities are joining our ranks! Be sure to "Join" to see the latest action in your Home feed and to stay up to date with the latest news and events. 


Online Interactive Guides just got a refresh. These are some of the most accessed resources across all of Tech Community, and for good reason. Watch them, share them, love them. 

Happy Holidays! 


Tech Community 

The December 14th Weekly Roundup is Posted!  12/17/2018

This week Microsoft announced two new features for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Terms of Use, the general availability of Adobe Acrobat Reader integration with Microsoft Information Protection solutions and announced the release of SharePoint page management and approvals.

A user is our Member of the Week, a long-time community member who offered excellent contributions in our Microsoft Teams AMA.

View the Weekly Roundup for December 10-14, 2018 in a Sway and attached Word document.

Microsoft Ignite On-Demand in the Tech Community  12/11/2018

Bring the power of Microsoft Ignite to your screen. Watch all the sessions from Microsoft Ignite on-demand and access the PPT slides right here on the Microsoft Tech Community. We have streaming and download options available for each.

How to access it:

1. Go to


2. If you aren’t already logged in, you’ll be prompted to do so, either with your Tech Community account or your Microsoft Ignite-registered account. Logging in is not required to view slide decks or stream videos, but it is required to download videos and to comment on sessions.


3. In addition to sorting by the date the session occurred, you can also search the sessions in the search bar with applicable search terms based on your interests.


4. You can also do a deeper search by clicking the Refine Results button, where you can search by solution, product, level, session type and format.


5. Click on a session of interest in order to access video and PowerPoint content related to that session.


Streaming Videos

Once you’ve found a session to view and clicked on it, you can stream the video by clicking directly on the video, on the box with the play icon.


PowerPoint Decks

To access PowerPoint decks (to view or download) click on View Slide Deck on the right side of the session.


Downloading Videos


To access this, you will need to be logged into the Ignite site or to the Tech Community.

Click on Download Video on the right side of the screen to download the video.




If you have questions, want to compliment the speaker or otherwise interact with the content, you can post a comment on the bottom of the page (you will have to scroll down) under “Join the conversation in the Microsoft Tech Community.”


Keep an eye on the Tech Community blog for other installments of the Favorite Things series and for upcoming changes to Tech Community. 

A few of our Favorite Things: AMA’s  12/10/2018

Have you ever had a question about a product or feature, and you wished you could get an answer straight from the source? With the AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything) events we host across the Tech Community, you get a chance to engage with product engineers and team members for a live hour of Q&A. During this hour we get to dive deep into product updates and the newest features being released.

Recently we held a  Microsoft Exchange AMA, and before that, we hosted a live hour with folks from the Microsoft Information and Protection team. We believe connecting you directly to the people who build the products you use every day increases transparency, earns trust, and cultivates a healthy community for everyone. 

Stream AMA Meeting Room.jpgThe Microsoft Stream team during their AMA May 2018

Those answering your questions have found great value in it as well! Laurie Pottmeyer from Microsoft Teams stated “As a community manager, it’s awesome for me to have opportunities like this to connect our community-at-large directly with our engineering team – this time is invaluable for our internal team.  Not only do they get to answer questions and share information on their own area of expertise, it gives our team insight into what our users are saying.”

Curious about how you can contribute to our next AMA? Simply join us during the hour and ask your question by starting a new conversation. Our Tech Community team partners with the product team to ensure each question is looked at and discussed.

Our next AMA will be a Microsoft Teams AMA on December 12th at 9:00AM PT! Will you be there?

Keep an eye on the Tech Community blog for the next installment of the Favorite Things series and for upcoming changes to Tech Community.