Products available or being designed.

While we are mostly focused on web-based solutions, we do focus on other technologies as needed to solve particular problems. Our legacy also includes Windows-based client (e.g. Winforms, WPF) and server applications (e.g. Windows Services).


One of the tools we developed is called ToolSaq, a "swiss army knife" that helps with DevOps (and was created long before the term DevOps came into the vernacular forefront). It has been used by customers to help with their daily effort of providing IT services to their organizations. This includes managing RDP connections (especially when there are a lot), Ping, NSLookup, Whois, SMTP Mail Testing, etc.

  1. ToolSaq for Windows 2.1 Build 321 Released on 2/8/2017 (Freeware). This works on Windows 7 and higher.

Open Source

Health and Wellness

One of our newest endeavours is focusing on the area of health and wellness. Much of the motivation is based on extended periods of time in front of the screen at a keyboard. Or in front of a screen with a gaming console. This activity needs to be offset with taking care of ourselves and avoiding digital addiction.